Hospitality Team:

Hospitality asks us to ‘make room for one another with grace and kindness’.  At MCC London we openly welcome each other and visitors anytime we are together. We strive to warm the hearts around us as we are all called to bring the spirit of hospitality.  Come and help serve others in the spirit of love and gratitude as we provide refreshment and fellowship anytime we come together.  Ask one of our Hospitality team members how you can share your gifts!

Stewardship Team:

Our stewardship team provides year round education and awareness about supporting MCC’s work with our Tie Talent and Treasure.


Healing will be offered on 1st and 3rd Sundays following communion.  For more information about the Healing Group speak with Sheilha Jackson.

Follow-up team:

This team maintains a friendly connection with members and friends through phone calls. for more information speak with Doreen Garrett.