Who We Are

Worship Roots
Who We Are and What We Believe

Our Vision Statement

We are a welcoming, diverse Christian community discovering and sharing the reality of God’s all inclusive love.

MCCLondon03We are an inclusive church that uses inclusive language as an affirmation of God’s love. We are Ecumenical in nature, our members being from Catholic, Protestant and Evangelical traditions. Our worship services represent the broad diversity from which our congregants come, contributing to the variety and character of church.

MCC’s heritage has been its positive affirmation and welcome of all people. It is based on a belief that the Bible does not condemn consenting, loving same-gender relationships. For more information on what the Bible says and does not say please visit our links page.

Our Core Values

  • We believe that God loves us unconditionally just as we are.
  • We respect the right of each individual to define their relationship with God.
  • We believe that we can experience God as individuals and in community.
  • We value the gift of God in each person and in our community.
  • We value cultural and sexual diversity as gifts from our Creator.
  • We value families, including families of choice.
  • Following the example of Jesus Christ, we are called to live our faith actively in the world.
  • We believe in social justice and equality for all.

We celebrate an open communion table, available and open for all people. You don’t need to be a member of this church or of any church to come to join at the communion table. You can come alone, with your partner, your family or with friends. We are all called to receive God’s blessings.

A Brief History of Metropolitan Community Church

Dundas Street ViewIn 1968, before the Stonewall Riots and the Christopher Street Parades, the Reverend Troy Perry founded Metropolitan Community Church in Los Angeles to serve the spiritual needs of gay and lesbian people. His action was revolutionary and transformational. Since that time, Metropolitan Community Churches have stood in the face of adversity serving as a safe haven for those rejected by other religious communities. Local MCC congregations have been the birthplace of dozens of different gay and lesbian organizations and projects across the world.

MCC London History

In November 1979, a group of gay and lesbian Christians began meeting regularly at the HALO (Homophile Association of London) building. In March of the following year, the group applied to Metropolitan Community Church for affiliation. With support of MCC Toronto, the first MCC worship service in London was held on April 20th at 29 Victoria St. W (then, the Unitarian Fellowship). Don McCrae, a deacon from MCC Toronto, became the first worship coordinator. In December, Clarence Crossman assumed the role of worship coordinator and in 1981 was elected pastor, serving until 1988. In June 1981, MCC held the first Pride event, a picnic in the adjacent Gibbons Park.

In 1988, Rev. Rod McAvoy, a former Anglican priest, was called as pastor and MCC found a new home with Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church. Rev. McAvoy resigned in 1991 and the church continued under lay leadership until Rev. Marcie Wexler was elected pastor in 1997.

In 1998, MCC moved back to HALO until the building was sold in 2000. From there the worship service moved to a meeting room at the Cross Cultural Learner Centre behind 717 Dundas Street. Rev. Wexler resigned in 2001 and the church returned to a period of lay leadership until Rev. Deana Dudley was elected pastor in 2002.

In May 2003, MCC London acquired an office suite at 388 Dundas Street, which became the congregation’s first 24-7 home. Unfortunately the sale of the building meant the stay was short lived and the congregation was on the move once again. Rev. Dudley had been serving two churches, MCC London and MCC Christos in Toronto and in 2004 she resigned in order to focus on MCC Christos. Clarence Crossman was invited to be pastor once again.

In March 2005, MCC London accepted an invitation to move their services to Aeolian Hall, where the congregation enjoyed a time of growth. Rev. Crossman stood down as pastor in 2007 and Rev. Teresa Mallot was appointed Interim Pastor. During this time the congregation set in place financial plans to call the first full-time minister.MCCLondon30

From 2008, the congregation relocated to Christ Anglican Church, also an LGBT affirming congregation and in the following May called Rev. Paul Whiting to be the full-time pastor.

On Easter 2014, at the closure of Christ Anglican Church, we moved our congregation to our present home at the Dundas Street Centre.

Today, MCC London is one of the larger, more diverse congregations in London, boasting an ever growing population of welcoming and spiritual LGBT people and their friends and families.

Come and experience God in Community.